Revisiting “Kajosika”

In the begininning of last year, I wrote a rather ambitious story. It is a lengthier short story, not long enough to be a novella, so I broke it into two parts. The story is called “Kajosika” and in it I very openly attack a lot of social ills: income inequality, social stigmatization of the poor and those with criminal records, the healthcare system, among other things. It was a VERY ambitious story, and I obviously had some things I wanted to beat my chest at. All things considered, looking back at it, I don’t think it turned out to be a half bad sci-fi story. I mean, it’s about as nuanced as a brick through a stained glass window, but there is an interesting concept at its core. (Says the author reviewing their own work.)

It may interest you:

Lan is forced to test the Kajo root for edibility. It doesn’t kill her but it does give her a surprising new ability that just may be the key to putting an end to these deadly tests on her people.

You can find the first part here, and there is a link to part two in the post: Kajosika: Part One