Sci-Fi Shorts

I write a variety of things for my Patreon page. Lately it has been mostly short stories. In the past, however, I have written scripts, shared chapters of novels as I worked on them, written a random poem/song. I try to keep things interesting for readers and for me.

The most recent posting was a sci-fi story called “Beneath the Sky Rings” that is free for everyone to read.

Ajos is her clan’s master hunter, sent to track the settlement of the great herd. What she finds upends her understanding of the world and will push her toward a new role in her clan’s future.

If you like this story, there are other free stories available on the page to read, and coming April 8th will be my newest short story. It is another sci-fi short called “Second Chances“.

‘The Damaxi twin sisters Kil and Sun crossed the galaxy to start a new life and when they go to the Second Chances Casino to get money to start over, nothing quite goes to plan.’

I hope you stop by my page to check it out on April 8th, or if you would like to see it sooner, it posts on April 1st for my patrons. Just a dollar and you can access my entire library, including Patron-exclusive content!

Thanks for reading!