I Am A Wizard

Anyone familiar with Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” is familiar with the idea that ‘wizards plus technology equals catastrophe’. Well I, my friends, am a wizard. Not a terribly powerful one, mind you. My powers ebb and flow, but the number of computers that have died at my fingertips has recently increased by one and that number was already significant. The IT dept at my old college certainly knew me by name.

The most recent victim, unfortunately may have also taken with it some files that I was not meticulous enough about backing up. Lesson here: do not trust in “automatic syncing” for back up file sites. Double check, always!

It shall be some time before this wizard can magic up the cash for a new computer, so in the meantime, I am salvaging what I can and making arrangements to try and be able to continue with my writing.

My thumb is still healing from the torn ligament in May, but I am at a point where I am able to start using my hand more normally. Writing should be okay. I’m pecking this out with one finger and auto suggest on a tablet. I need to learn a one handed QWERTY method.

All this is to say between my thumb and my computer I know I have been absent here and on Patreon. My hope is that I can start to get back to work soon, be it the short story idea I just had the other night (it’s super sweet, y’all) or getting back to work on “Blood Reign”.

In the meantime, I have free stuff and exclusive stuff available on my Patreon page. And if you haven’t read it yet, please check out my book on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by.