Languages of Tybraes

For my fantasy books, I created two languages (conlangs). Etharhia, the language of the Erahthi people of varied clans who live for hundreds of years, and Valkosa, the language of the Ganroth people who are known for their honor-rooted, warrior culture. Each language has a very unique signature sound to it. The words in Etharhia tend to be longer, whereas Valkosa is shorter, more stacatto. They reflect the personalities of each culture. The Erahthi have time…time to say what they mean. The Ganroth are efficient…no time for nonsense. These are living languages. As I continue to write in the world of Tybraes I find I have need for a word here or there that is not yet in these dictionaries, and so it is added. Therefore, these dictionaries are not necessarily finished. However, here is an incarnation of them as well as a sample writing demonstrating their practical use, a love letter exchange called Duet.

Duet is an exchange of love letters between an Erahs named Retil, writing in Etharhia, and a Ganroth named Mtek, who writes in Valkosa. Retil’s letter is first, followed by Mtek’s response.  Beneath the English is the corresponding conlang translation in itallics. The dictionary links are for PDFs that will open in new windows. In the dictionaries you can find pronunciations and more detailed meanings including cultural notes.

Etharhia Dictionary

Valkosa Dictionary

Blood of the Heart – Song (Etharhia)


Haenis / Ferep

The 23rd day of the 3rd moon of Quietus, marking my 589th cycle

Ap 23rd kedrhe tu·ap 3rd eidre tu·Qui’malnain, dasesh syel’589th jonolingshaenn

My most dearly beloved Mtek,

Syel’Mtek~apaen thual erahtha,

There is little hope that my words will reach you in time, but I could not bear to part

Rhehin a mith enotautae eshun syel’hiaset utarusoti hal hetil keesh, dul sylf vahventaedu lyosdaea’esh bingi

from this world without confessing to you my truest feelings. I know that it is, perhaps, as

ish·eshin tybhetae hun rellifenesh tish·hal sylf afhenthaenet~airriirae. Sylf elletesh eshun ape a, deobra, del

forbidden for your people as it is for mine that we should even entertain the thought of more than

mahnvahtaefin ta·halel’halset del ape a ta·syel eshun hera onnse delidal motamesh ap eletweyt tu·fhetin apo

friendship, but I cannot help but feel drawn to you. You are, truly, the first person I can

halleninae, dul sylf vahtaedu jhainesh dul afhenesh venylsukin tish·hal. Hal a, airrial, ap halsa~kaun sylf taedu

remember in all my hundreds of years who has genuinely listened and understood me. Though you are not

liolesh hetil hetae syel’kauvinaet tu·shaenn oahalsa hesi venmataui~airrelal he vena thae-ishaeu sy. Ful hal vaha

of my people, you have touched a part of me that I bared to no one else. I feel a [desperate longing]

tu·syel~erset, hal hes venfheni ka bing tu·sylf eshun sylf vensuevani tish vahka was. Sylf afhenesh ka thauishae

for you now that you are gone and I fear that we shall not see each other again.

ta·hal esh eshun hal a ishin he sylf vashanweyesh eshun hera vahonnsa suetaedesh ki eun delvennkeesh.

I [am ashamed] that I was not brave enough to say this to your face; centuries-old

Sylf afhenyena’esh eshun sylf vahvena lien-raesae ylal hiasi eshin tish halel’laesera; bershaenn-keseisin

and yet I am a coward still in matters of love. That is the thing, my warrior Mtek, I do believe I

he jenn sylf a ka voshr malla hetil billat tu·thae. Eshun a ap apez, syel’palignr Mtek, sylf taenesh weytesh sylf

love you and I fear I have lost you now forever. I cannot imagine

thae’esh hal he sylf vashanweyesh sylf hes venveaí hal esh jykeshetal. Sylf vahtaedu ellaerishesh

my silly words will impress upon you, one of action and deeds, but they are all I have to offer now. I miss

syel’hiaset~busbrinin utatudi hol·hal, sa tu·taenet he raesaetaenet, dul eta a hetae sylf hes truni esh. Sylf nya’esh

your laughter and the mischievous glitter of your green-gold eyes. How lovely was the sunlight on

halel’chidet het ap laeslaan~biapan tu·halel’suet~virunbuslaan. Arish thaen vena ap drhaein hol

your red-brown hair. Oh, my love…I know not the poetry, the lyrics to offer to properly

halel’myavrinlaes~pomtyblaan. Vo, syel’thae…sylf elletesh vah ap lilahias, ap lientumahiaset truni tish airal

tell you, I love you, Mtek, my beautiful horned one.

hiasanesh hal, sylf thae’esh hal, Mtek, syel’kokedrahsa~laein.

Lost to the centuries without you,

Vaenin tish·ap bershaenn hun·hal,


– – – –

1st Som Mercy, Sanctuary year 005

1st Som Nevat, Yineskose rothraa 005

My [Sweetheart] Retil,

Oma Ntoma Retil,

Your letter reached me as I began to travel with the soldiers. I am overjoyed by your confession.

Gos ketipauln falt-brelig om el om falt-ha d eskåzet ntas ba ntaeskat. Om e mezuateneur att gos valekrite.

I, too,have such feelings, but I thought it impossible you would feel this way for me. How could you? I am a

Om, kån, ptaalia zut wet, aff om falt-yafe bosht fåkotavur go lu-we ber hitl at om. Hrep bo-hotet go? Om e va

warrior, not a scholar like you, not an Erahs like you. What life could I offer you? But you want me and

gunra, fakå va meyafddet rus go, fakå vad Erahs rus go. Bo̊sht pâle bo-hotet om mven go? Aff go abn om melu

I am beyond happy – Exultant. I have put in a request to return to your clan. My letter will reach you before I

om e ezete atenur – Atebur. Om ptaalia eskod kaåt va giine d gos kitoss. Oma ketipauln fas-brelig go falte om

do, but I am confident that my leader will approve my reasons. We Ganroth are not so hard a people. We do

hoth, aff om e ebken bak oma vesa fas-ume oma jaftotet. Omoss Ganroth fåke la dogur va ganoss. Omoss hoth

understand love and connection. I was able to serve as a liaison for my kith to your clan before, there is no reason I

yaft nevin melu ntaene. Om falt-hotet d mva el vad evia at oma kith d gos kitoss falte, desk e fakå jaftote om

cannot continue so we may be together. I will come to you, I swear it. Hear me now, Retil, I love you,

fåkhotet fil la ntom hr-hotet e ntaeskå. Om fas-eska d go, om tohvid bosht. Ho-dha om tet, Retil, om nevin go,

too. I will come to you, under his eyes, I swear it! Wait for me, Retil! I yearn to hold you as a lover

kån. Om fas-eska d go, tekn goc maat, om tohvid bosht! Ho-ot at om, Retil! Om beshak d epro go el va kunta

and smell the flower oils that you comb into your hair. I wish to braid your long, beautiful hair again as I did that day

melu thin ba nasa taut bak go ioti kaåt gos trelk. Om bes d latt gos vitur, rnosh trelk lunie el om falt-hoth bak agon

on the shore of the Ceyr River. If we were not meant to be together, then I do not understand the will of the

est ba onis ika ba Ceyr Onvien. Bo-e ntom fakå falt-e falt-hott d e ntaeskå, elunt om fåkhoth yaft ba eten ika ba

First Gods. Why would they put you in my path if you were not meant to be a part of my life? We

Valkannoss. Jaf lu-eten got eskod go kaåt oma hitl bo-e go fakå falt-e falt-hott d e va chase ika oma pâle? Ntom

will be together, my moonflower, poet of my heart – by my honor.

fas-e ntaeskå, oma Vud-Nasa, imalosa ika oma payn – att oma vale.

Your beloved warrior,

Gos nevinur gunra,