A Simple Tale – The Egg Bowl

Before I replaced my computer, I wrote this simple short story on a mobile device. It’s less than two pages and it is born from a very personal place. Just a little bit of fiction with an honest heart. – – – – The Egg Bowl by Carissa Starr It felt like desperation and he […]

I Am A Wizard

Anyone familiar with Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” is familiar with the idea that ‘wizards plus technology equals catastrophe’. Well I, my friends, am a wizard. Not a terribly powerful one, mind you. My powers ebb and flow, but the number of computers that have died at my fingertips has recently increased by one and that […]

Revisiting “Kajosika”

In the begininning of last year, I wrote a rather ambitious story. It is a lengthier short story, not long enough to be a novella, so I broke it into two parts. The story is called “Kajosika” and in it I very openly attack a lot of social ills: income inequality, social stigmatization of the […]

Sci-Fi Shorts

I write a variety of things for my Patreon page. Lately it has been mostly short stories. In the past, however, I have written scripts, shared chapters of novels as I worked on them, written a random poem/song. I try to keep things interesting for readers and for me. The most recent posting was a […]

Sleep Tight Firetide Blog

Many of the posts here on my site are chapter excerpts from ‘When Comes the Firetide: Emergents’ that then link to my old Firetide Work-in-Progress blog where I used to post whole chapters up to be read as I finished them. I did this with the first book, and then again with the second book, […]

Pursuit of Justice

The story linked below is a unique Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons hybrid, not the sort of story I typically write. It came to me out of a request from a friend, Ash Isengrim, a Dungeon Master. He had created two characters, Graves Chi’tral and Beato Aesalon (both in this story). They were a […]

Toss a Coin to Your Writer

Now that song is in everyone’s heads…(I know, I’m evil.) Did you know I have a Patreon page? I don’t shout about it a whole lot. I am, admittedly, pretty bad at salesmanship. I’ve had sales jobs in the past and while people liked me, they generally did not buy from me. I was too […]

Welcome to the new site!

Can you smell it? That new website smell? Well, it’s just a spray. This isn’t *brand* new. It’s not NEW new. I actually just ported my old site over onto this one with a new template and had to do some reshuffling, then did a little rewriting and slapped some shiny on her and BAMM! […]