Sleep Tight Firetide Blog

Many of the posts here on my site are chapter excerpts from ‘When Comes the Firetide: Emergents’ that then link to my old Firetide Work-in-Progress blog where I used to post whole chapters up to be read as I finished them. I did this with the first book, and then again with the second book, which has since gone through many drafts of change. Since I am in the process of attempting to get it in the hands of an editor and finally published, I have archived the old first draft chapters on the blog and they are no longer available to be read. The excerpts are still here on my website, as they are brief and will hopefully help to entice people to be interested in the book. That is about the extent of my salesmanship skills. You’ve just seen it. Ta-da.

Just know that the links at the bottom of those pages will not actually take you to full chapters as suggested. There is still some content on the Firetide blog, some short stories and some odds and ends like links to world building notes and my writing soundtrack, if you care for such things. Overall, however, I would say that I have, for the most part, put the blog to bed.

And of course, if you have yet to get it, the first book, ‘When Comes the Firetide: Inundation’ can be found here in digital and paperback.