Pursuit of Justice

The story linked below is a unique Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons hybrid, not the sort of story I typically write. It came to me out of a request from a friend, Ash Isengrim, a Dungeon Master. He had created two characters, Graves Chi’tral and Beato Aesalon (both in this story). They were a Sith Lord and a Jedi Master, respectively, but with a twist! Their races were taken from Dungeons and Dragons. He had come to me hoping that I could help him come up with the characters of their masters and a reason for the epic rivalry he planned for them in which Graves slowly drives Aesalon toward the Dark Side and becoming a Dark Jedi.

It was an interesting creative exercise and I not only created the characters and found a motive, I spun an epic backstory for my two characters as well that helped to tie everyone together. I liked the story I had conceived so much, that I asked if Ash minded if I wrote it as a short story. He was thrilled, and he was equally thrilled with the result. Of the characters, Graves and Aesalon are Ash’s, and I tried to do them justice as this story is very much the prologue to their saga, which is Ash’s story to tell.

All the races of the characters are taken from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. I used the traits of each race to play into their personalities and abilities. If you are not familiar with what these races are, here are a few key links. KhenraKreenVedalken

Overall, I hope you find the story an exciting chapter in Star Wars lore. Obsession, revenge, The Force and lightsabers…I think it has all the makings. ENJOY!