Toss a Coin to Your Writer

Now that song is in everyone’s heads…(I know, I’m evil.)

Did you know I have a Patreon page? I don’t shout about it a whole lot. I am, admittedly, pretty bad at salesmanship. I’ve had sales jobs in the past and while people liked me, they generally did not buy from me. I was too honest about the products, and I am not comfortable pushing things on people. So when my own work is the product and I have a huge case of imposter syndrome…that’s a recipe for disaster. Not very good sales to say the least.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I have a Patreon page. People sponsor me to write stuff. I give them exclusive content, or sometimes advanced viewing of content, and they give me generous donations as small as $1 per post. I save this money to continue doing my writing, like putting it toward affording an editor for my next book, for example.

BUT WAIT! (See what I did there?) There is FREE stuff too. It is my way of engaging readers. Those who can’t afford to sponsor me, or those who may be considering sponsoring me. There is a whole category of tagged stuff labeled “freebies” that you can access at any time on my page. The most recent “freebie” was a short story I wrote for Halloween called “The Eye of Rua Hatu.” You can read that here:

I know things are hard for everyone right now. The world is in chaos. So I am not going to beg you for your money. I’m just going to point out that my Patreon is there and that it has some free stuff that you can read. My gift to soothe the masses. You can follow my page without being a paying patron and you will get notifications when I post new stuff. Some will be for patrons only, and some will be free…or will start out ‘patron only’ and then in a week or so become free. You can even toss me $1 one time and download a whole back catalogue of stuff if you wanted to. I couldn’t stop you. And I’d be grateful you stopped by.

Thanks for visiting my site. Consider checking out my patreon. Just follow the link to the story above and you’ll find a whole host of other goodies. Enjoy!