Welcome to the new site!

Can you smell it? That new website smell? Well, it’s just a spray. This isn’t *brand* new. It’s not NEW new. I actually just ported my old site over onto this one with a new template and had to do some reshuffling, then did a little rewriting and slapped some shiny on her and BAMM! Good as new! Sure, she has a few kinks and jitters. The template didn’t play nice with some of the content so there are some funky font issues with some of the old posts (sorry about that, readability is a bit hinky) but you know, it is in our faults that we find our uniqueness…or something wise sounding like that.

I am going to try and get back to adding content to my site. The dates on the left there make it pretty obvious I have been a bit neglectful. But you know, I was never one of those people who could keep diaries or journals either. So a blog? Ehn…I mean, kinda the same thing, just public, you know? I know people expect it as a writer but, expectations, not good at those either. Let’s be honest, I’m a difficult person, but you love me anyway. …right? Mmm…moving on.

I will kind of be learning wordpress as I go here, so, there may be a few more kinks to work out as we go, but I’ll try to keep the smoke and sparks to a minimum. If you are still here, have a poke about, read over my spiffy new About page, poke at the Library.

Most of all, thanks for coming. It’s just nice to have visitors.