Database issues

Technical Difficulties (Ironically not displaying header)

I have become aware that my website has been going down recently.  Frequently.  For days.   And it would seem my current notification systems are not adequate in bringing this to my attention. SO, I apologize if by some grace of Spock you have returned in spite of having previously come and been met by a rather unprofessional error, likely worded in rather bland, banal language…such is the syntax of the wild code monkey.

This problem is currently being wrangled in the best way I can manage at the moment. There will be, in the foreseeable future, potential changes to remedy it more permanently. But in the meantime, if you see something feel free to let me know. (Twitter‘s always good.)   I do tend to be a bit on the spacey side.

Thanks for understanding!

Next chapter of Vector H+ coming up on Saturday for my Patreon Patrons.  Will very likely be some extras for that coming out this month too. I’ll have a word on that to accompany the chapter.



So Let's Space Dance


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