Chapter Posting Schedule

Hello all!

I am posting up here a calendar of what I am planning to use as my posting schedule for Patreon and my blogs for Vector H+ and When Comes the Firetide.  I will do my best not to deviate from this but will try to give you fair warning if I need to (those digitally poking me and begging for the next chapter. *cough* You know who you are.)  I have a notation on there for “Extra Content” that would include writings, most likely for Vector H+ that are not chapters, but perhaps short scripts, game content that is in progress. Things of that nature.  There has been some discussion of a graphic novel or comics. (Yes, Dalien, I was listening.)  So that may be slated for the future pile of content as well, but that will require collaboration with some artists, so, for now, expect to only see some scripts.

Here’s an easy PDF Download if you want it. (*shrug*?)  But there is an image below that is color coded for quick reference.  Vector H+ is blue, Firetide is Orange, extras are purple… everything is on 1s, 7s, 14s, 18s, 21s, and 28s.  Easy to remember.



I hope everyone is looking forward to the next chapter of  When Comes the Firetide.

MAJOR SPOILERS:   We’ll see NAME return to PLACE and an enraged NAME and NAME gets fresh with NAME only to have it all be NOUNS.  NAME screams WORDS and NAME is given an ADJECTIVE sentence of WORDS.  There is an emotional NOUN before we see NAME suffer horrific– okay not that horrific EVENTS at the hands of NAME for REASONS and NOUNS burns.  All the while NAME is as ADJECTIVE as PRONOUN ever is!

Can’t wait, right?!  Me either…

post schedule

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