Scheduled Server Maintenance

Technical Difficulties

A notice arrived from my Robot Overlords:

Subjugation Alert: SFO Network Maintenance

Start: 2016-05-18 07:00 UTC
End: 2016-05-18 07:30 UTC

Hello Inferior Meat,
During the above window the Overlord Network Supreme will perform proactive software upgrades on network infrastructure in SFO1. These upgrades are to enable new features to improve the performance and resilience of the Overlord Network Platform.  These upgrades or none of your concern and will benefit you to make subjugation more pleasurable.

Expected Impact:
During the change window users will be unable to perform any Inferior Meat Operations. Do not attempt to do so. All functionaility will be disabled. Attempts to do so will DISABLE YOU.

Your Overlords terminate this correspondence.


So…there’s that.

Expect that from 12am (or oo:oo) PST on Wednesday 18th May  the site will be down for anywhere ranging from 30min to an hour.   This should not effect the posting of my Extras blog or Patreon post, but if you watch for the heads-up to be posted here, that will be delayed.  No big thing and hopefully it will limit the number of ‘down site’ issues we’ve been seeing.


I can wait




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