Vector H+ | Patreon Update

Vector H+


Another chapter of Vector H+ is complete and ready to post to eligible Patrons on Patreon and to the private access blog (linked through the banner.)  A minorly important edit was made to Chapter Eleven which readers may want to check out before delving into Chapter Twelve.  A simple Newscast inserted midway through but, you know me… I slip tricky stuff in. To quote Mr. Kim in The Fifth Element: “Could be important.”  As such, I also updated the all-in-one-read PDF at the top of the Chapter Eleven post for those new Patrons who just tossed coin in my hat. (*bows* Again, forever grateful.)

Anyone who would like to read Vector H+ while it is in progress, you can read about how to join in on patronizing me- wait, that sounds wrong… anyway, more about that on my Patreon page here:

Be My Patron

In the meantime, those who would like to keep up with my fantasy Work in Progress can check out my free to the public blog here:
When Comes the Firetide should be due for a chapter update in another week or so.

A link to my fantasy novella Evergate was added to the Library, complete with a downloadable PDF preview.  It was written for a specific 9 yr old at the time, so it is appropriate for ages 9 and older, although I’ve been told the “scary bits” probably aim older.  At the moment, it is my only book available for purchase until I can get the others back up in stores or add a storefront on here.  So maybe that will happen… eventually.

And of course, I am always annoying on Twitter.

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