Download my book FREE

In the hope of attracting more reviews, from April 16th through April 20th my book “When Comes the Firetide: Inundation” is FREE TO DOWNLOAD on Amazon. Enjoy and please spread the word. “When Comes the Firetide: Inundation” “Tybraes is an unforgiving world, splintered by races at war convinced their fundamental differences far outweigh any common […]

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast

Recently I was graciously invited onto The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast with Brad Mendenhall to talk about my book, but we also talked movies, TV, comics and other fun, random stuff.  The episode just happened to fall on their two year anniversary of the show! It features other guests as well: Artist Jason Lenox – Illustrator […]

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us and I thought I would try to be festive. So I wrote a short story! It’s not based in any of my existing worlds (Tybraes, Vector H+ or Snow.) This is just a random little idea that came to me, not a terribly unique one but mine has glitter! […]

The Languages of Tybraes

One of the things I enjoy most about writing the world of Tybraes is inventing the languages spoken by the Erahs and the Ganroth. I imagine that as I immerse myself more fully in the world it helps the reader to do the same- to have these very distinct, very real cultural anchors for the […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American readers, happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a warm and joyous holiday. In the spirit of that holiday I wanted to write something relating to the world of Tybraes and I thought of the Ganroth. They do not get a lot of focus or special attention and it might surprise […]


Apeshaen quaet ish·Erahthi tu’Tybraes Fhaeshi tish·Hallen,Eerahet tu’Tybaar venhiastasi Earth. Many blessings from [‘The Heart’] of Tybraes [gifted with diplomacy] to you, children of the Land called Earth. Throughout the cultures of Tybraes there are celebrates and holy days to mark the occasions similar to those we have in our world. Celebrations that mark the coming […]

“Waters of Bitterness” | A Tybraes Cycle Short Story

NOTE: This story contains depictions and themes that are mature in nature. If you find the use of foul language or the depiction of sexuality and violence to be distasteful, it may not be for you.  Some content may also be sensitive in nature for some readers. (Please heed this.) Author’s Note: “Waters of Bitterness” is […]

Updates for November

  The newest chapter of Vector H+ was delivered to Patreon last Monday and will be up for blog members tomorrow (header is a link for easy access.)  The full novel manuscript was completed.  It is 490 pages and ~305,000 words of “a lot of editing to do,” but it is complete!  A lot will […]