The Languages of Tybraes


One of the things I enjoy most about writing the world of Tybraes is inventing the languages spoken by the Erahs and the Ganroth. I imagine that as I immerse myself more fully in the world it helps the reader to do the same- to have these very distinct, very real cultural anchors for the races. It adds something extra special to the world for me as I hope it does for you.

I recently had a snaffu with my Etharhia dictionary files and had to spend a bit of time consolidating some files together. (I wasn’t being consistant in which file I was updating with my new words- quite a mess.) While taking the time to sort through all that it occured to me that I don’t think that I have shared an updated file with you all for some time and there are quite a few new words in the lexicons. In fact, I believe there may have been a small overhaul of the numerical system for the Erahs since my last dictionary update (I do frequently remind you that much of what I post and share is all work in progress, yes?)

I have been adding a little to the Valkosa (the Ganroth language,) but it is still not nearly as filled out as the Etharhia (the Erahs language.) It is getting some depth to it, however. One thing you’ll find I added for them that is a cultural touchstone is Honorifics, much like the Japanese use however these are applied as prefixes to the name. Some examples are: one may call their sweetheart John by the Honorific “Nto-” so you would address him as “Nto-John.” Or if one was addressing a good friend Sam, you would call out to “Kina-Sam.”

The Etharhia dictionary has a small additiona as well of “mind, heart and spirit” words. The concept for them was one that I found inspiration for in Thailand. In Etharhia, they are used as a form of casual or slang language, a less formal way of saying things. The idea is that the word for mind, heart or spirit is prefixxed to another word to act as an indicator of mood, in a sense. “Mind,” (Elle-)  “Heart,” (Thae-) or “Spirit,” (Lien-) words are slang phrases swapped interchangeably and used dependent on the intended intensity. The mind is most logical, considered “cooler”, the heart is more fickle and considered “hotter” and the spirit is considered “innate and inflexible.”  Spirit words are not used lightly.

Here is one example:

Thae-drenn (Heart-Hot) meaning an argumentative hot-head; “You’re such a hot-head.” “Era uin thae-drenn.”

So below I’ve linked two PDFs of my most current dictionaries so you can have some fun perusing those and seeing all the new emotion words in Etharhia, the new Honorifics in Valkosa and whatever other changes I’ve made since you’ve last seen the dictionaries.  I hope you enjoy them!

Etharhia:  DOWNLOAD



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