Updates for November

Vector H+


The newest chapter of Vector H+ was delivered to Patreon last Monday and will be up for blog members tomorrow (header is a link for easy access.)  The full novel manuscript was completed.  It is 490 pages and ~305,000 words of “a lot of editing to do,” but it is complete!  A lot will likely be culled out, maybe worked into short stories, reworked into short films or comic books, other media for the Transmedia aspect of the project.  If it is something that isn’t absolutely necessary to the core story (a Tom Bombadil, if you will…) it will be pulled and reworked for another medium.  But I don’t see to many things that will be ashcanned and burned entirely.

The National Novel Writing Month kicked off week before last. I’m not entirely participating this year in what I call “Nanoo nanoo.”  I’m what they’d call a NaNo Rebel. I’m not doing a novel, I’m working on “something else.”  In my case it is editing and planning, which doesn’t really amount to a whole lot that can get logged. So my profile looks mostly abandoned, not very impressive this year, especially compared to last year.  But it’s the work that counts, not the publically viewed statistics and back-patting.  This past week, admittedly, as some of my American friends can attest, work has been harder for a lot of us. But I have tried my best to keep my head above water and at least jotting notes when possible, even when my focus wasn’t solid enough to edit.

In the meantime, I took a break from Vector H+ to work on the Tybraes Cycles, editing the Firetide Cycle series/or potentially the single book Firetide Cycle– It is looking as if it may be better served as one book with just a three part division.  It was planned as one book. I just originally thought it would be shorter. Turns out my characters and the world were a bit deeper and richer than I had realized, since the entire project was originally just a distraction. In truth it was something meant to be a light “brain-break” from the research heavy, crazy brainstorming and outlining and planning required for Vector H+.  Then it became a beast… because I can’t do simple. Ever. I’m just not built that way, apparently.  So, for now, I am working on editing that as best I can, saving pennies to find a cover artist.  I will likely release the three parts separately in digital format through my website. I am not sure yet if kindle allows for ‘chapter’ type releases other than the free samples they do.  But each part will only be a dollar or so, and the entire book if someone wants to purchase that will also be available in digital format. Possibly as a paperback, eventually… I need to figure all that out still. Lots to do.

The Tybraes world has already begun to fill out. Notes and an outline for the sequel are already taking form, plus a few little novella size things may come about. One to consolodate all my world-building notes, the religions and languages, more detailed notes on the races (like biology and culture.) The other a prequel of sorts, a history of the great war and first Firetide known as The Felling and The Rogalian.  That one I am still deciding on the format of the storytelling, more historical documentation or narrative (which could get long again- it’s a war.)

That is where things are at with me. Should I be unable to post before the coming American Thanksgiving, I hope everyone finds a way to have a lovely holiday. And don’t forget to find ways to smile and laugh.

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