Coming up with book covers


Random update on… stuff.

Now that I have the rough drafts completed for all three of the Firetide books and the Vector H+ novel, I have a lot of editing and rewrites ahead of me. I’ve begun toying with some rough draft ideas for book covers as well. I want to have some ideas to present to the artist (when I find one) so they have a general starting point. I will still stay totally open to their expertise, however. Hopefully I can find someone who has already done some book covers and has an idea of the best types of images and compositions to put front and center. For the time being, I’m tinkering with ideas. These are sort of the digital equivalent of magazine cut and past collages with a little extra tweaking on my part. I took characters from my wallpaper (that i did art-up myself) but they are cut and pasted with some various background art I picked up around the web. Stuff is cut and pasted, colored over, etc… just to formulate a rough approximation of one concept floating about in my head at the moment. If you’ve seen the minimalist movie and travel posters, then you might have an idea of what I’m thinking… with a slightly more detailed character at the foreground. Khes on the first book, Zakeriel on the second and the third is a Ganroth warioress, albiet the character doesn’t really dress quite so… uh, tribal?


So what do you think of that? Something a bit different than the usual fantasy cover, I know. I do still have some ideas for more typical fantasy book covers… very action oriented stuff that will hopefully convey the tone of the stories as I want it conveyed.

Anyway… So… editing, rewrites… playing with pictures. That’s what I’m up to.

There will be a new chapter up for Firetide tomorrow AND another one immediately after that on Wednesday! SURPRISE! Next month will also be an oddball posting month, but I don’t think you’ll mind too much. I hope you won’t… it’s an extra long chapter, almost as good as getting two!

In the meantime, take care. Read a lot and look at art.

A Foeratha Hallen!

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Artists I borrowed from:
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Matt Ferguson

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