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Here is a quick catalog of the various places you can find my writing.


MY PATREON is a place where you can find free content even if you do not sponsor me as a Patron. I post various things, mostly short stories, but sometimes scripts or random oddbits like a song translated in Etharhia (That’s a language I invented). And if I start working on a large project like another book, Patrons will be privelaged to see my work in progress as I release chapters as I finish them along with updates on my progress. READ MORE


Tybraes is an unforgiving world, splintered by races at war convinced their fundamental differences far outweigh any common ground. The botanic fey Erahs seek to remain hidden from the violent warring of the leporine Shae and the horned giants, the Ganroth. When an Erahs “Blade Spirit” is found, a gifted time-bender of a lost monk order, the Nelenr, the Shae claim Khes Adaia for their own– a weapon in their war against the Ganroth. In truth, she is a single cog in a much larger machination against the Ganroth’s waking old god, Uvall, who threatens to consume them all. If the mystery of “The Motherless,” why Khes is so important, and how to kill a god is not discovered, a petty political coup will be a good day in Tybraes. They simply need more time. (Preview at link)  BUY THE BOOK


A fantasy novella appropriate for ages 9 to adult
Isabella Rose McGill thought that moving to Ireland with her Father and Nana was adventure enough until she finds a unique bauble dangling from a birch tree. The young girl had no way of knowing that the strange necklace would be a key to an entirely new adventure. One filled with danger, wonder and creatures she had never before imagined.  To her misfortune, however, that necklace truly was a key, the ONLY key, to a powerful doorway between worlds known as…


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I write film reviews, only they aren’t “here are stars ★★★☆ –– go see this” reviews, I write more of an analysis. I break it down, arc shot around it for a different perspective to look at things most viewers don’t think about when watching a movie… like themes and symbolism, why Tilda Swinton’s costume in Snowpiercer was way more politically brilliant than just for silly effect, and why a film didn’t actually suck like you thought it did, or why it did, it really, really, did. (Trust me, I have a strong conversion rate.)  I’ve watched everything from a Bruce Campbell campy sci-fi to a Hungarian kitten snuff film… all in the name of my love of art.  I’m kidding (sort of)… mostly because occasionally I have to write something fun to read too. Mouthy essays on camera angles and the meaning of weather in Kurosawa films doesn’t interest everyone. But mention brain worms or kitten murder and, it’s weird, but everyone wants to read.    READ MORE



Previous to focusing on transmedia writing and filmmaking I had been doing art and editorial photography. It was as close to doing film as I could manage by myself as I had some limitations when it came to gathering a film crew. I was with an agency for a brief time, and worked independently with models to do my own narrative collections. But photography is not film, and I began to feel like it was ‘settling.’ Here is a selection of my work. I still pick up my camera and shoot. I simply do not pursue it as a career alternative to what I have always wanted to do. Never settled kids!     VIEW THE GALLERY