Milestone Celebration! “The CFD”


Thursday marked the culmination of what was- believe it or not- over twelve years of evolution in words.  At some, unverifiable point around/before 2004,  I began a book called BioDream.  I made it so far as four chapters and a title/plan for the fifth.

Plot twist
Then… a show by Joss Whedon premiered on TV, “Dollhouse.”  There were so many similarities to my original concept that my husband and best friend can confirm, I literally broke down crying. And I mean characters with personalities AND NAMES that matched!! It was scary how close they were in too many ways.  So I threw everything in a folder and refused to look at it anymore.

A little help from friends… 
A little while later, my best friend and I were having trouble with our fantasy RPG board losing members.  So, I decided, why not take the stuff from BioDream, infuse it into a scifi RPG for our site and at least use what I’d built somehow.  So we took some things from another project we’d worked on together, mixed it in with my concepts and created “This ‘Verse Unknown.”  It paid homage to a lot of fandoms too, which kept it pretty approachable to most people, but eventually, it too slowly died out.

Rising from the Ashes…
Fast forward to NaNoWriMo last year, 2015.  I’d begun to get this idea rolling around that had morphed BioDream in my head into something so much bigger, so different than it was before.  I had learned about Transmedia, read about video game writing (and actually worked a job writing some chapters for a massive Interactive Fiction series.)  I had already written comic books and went to school for film, so I knew screenwriting.  It just started to form this huge stew in my brain… but a stew needs a base.    *Joan Cusack screams “CARROTS AND CELERY ARE JUST A BASE OF A SOUP!”*
So I dug out those old chapters, looked over what I had, hacked through them, kept what I could use and ditch the rest… and began the novel base of Vector H+ on November 1, 2015.

As of yesterday, September 15, 2016, the first draft* of that novel is completed!
*The CFD (Crappy First Draft)… writer’s slang.

This is such a huge thing for me, a project I once thought was murdered in my dreams by the much-beloved media darling Joss Whedon, now sits on every form of data storage I have access to (which is a lot.)  There is a lot of work to be done to make it publication-ready, but the biggest hurdle is cleared – The baby has been birthed. It exists. I MADE THIS.  This makes the fourth – FOURTH! – first draft I’ve completed in 2016.  *SQUEE!*  So I hope you will celebrate with me. I hope you will be excited with me, and thank you, because, without the encouragement from you guys, I don’t know if I’d have made it as far!  So, my dear readers, thank you.  Thank you so very much.

Watch for
a new Vector H+ short story on Extra Day (Sunday the 18th!) and Patrons will get a special Patrons-Only Vector H+ Extra treat!

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